Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnace Repair & Installation

Living in Regina, your furnace is a crucial appliance in your residence. Keeping your home warm through the cold winter months and avoiding any freeze ups or uncomfortable cold nights are some of the primary functions of a furnace.

Air circulation is also crucial. Moving air from your basement up into the rest of the house can keep heating, and air conditioning cost down. Leaking ventilation/duct systems that lose air flow can cause rooms in your home to either be too cold or too hot. Turning up the heating or cooling can increase costs and make other areas of your home too warm or cold.

Velocity Mechanical Solutions can perform preventative maintenance inspections on your furnace. Maintenance can help prevent costly unexpected heat loss during the cold months.

We are a proud supplier of AirEase Furnaces and service all makes and models. Inside AirEase air conditioners, you'll find a wealth of smart ideas. Have a look at our AirEase catalogue of products.


Call Velocity Mechanical Solutions for furnace repair, a checkup on your existing equipment or request a quote on a new heating and cooling system today!

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